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stump grinding services in Indianapolis, IN
Stump Grinding and Removal Services in Indianapolis, IN
We specialize in grinding down stumps after tree removals.

When removing a tree from your property, or removing a tree that has already fallen you are left with a large stump that needs to be handled.  Some homeowners will incorporate the stump into their landscape while others would like to remove the stump and reclaim that space.  Stumps can either be ground down using a stump grinder or they can be removed entirely with an excavator.  Stump grinding is generally the least expensive option and has minimal impact on the property.

Caballero's Landscaping is a local, family owned, landscaping company based out of Indianapolis, IN and serving the surrounding area.  We specialize in stump grinding and stump removal services throughout the area.  If we've removed a tree for you or you've just got some stumps you need to deal with and have removed or ground down, we can help!

Our machine will grind most stumps down to about 10"-14" below grade and will remove a great deal of the large roots as well.  If you want the stump completely gone then an excavator is usually the best option and that might be an option depending on the location of the stump, like in a fenced back yard for example which would be difficult for an excavator to reach.

Stump Grinding Services

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Why Choose Caballero's Landscaping For Your Stump Grinding?

When you choose to work with Caballero's Landscaping for your stump grinding or stump removal project in the Indianapolis, IN area you’re choosing to work with a team of skilled professionals.

We’ll be able to address your specific tree stump problems and come up with a viable solution that will work for you and reclaim that space.  Our crews are professional, courteous, very knowledgeable and will leave your property in a better-looking state than when we’ve found it.

We clean up after ourselves, so aside from your completed tree-work, you’ll never know we were ever on your property!

If you’d like to receive an estimate from Caballero's Landscaping for your next stump removal or stump grinding project please give us a call (317) 400-8766  or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.